long live the queen

Every morning I check a website to see if the Queen of England is still alive.

I can’t help myself.  My love of British history makes me do it.

I saw her once, in person, and I have the lousy photos to prove it.  A friend and I were making our first trip to London and we made our way to Westminster Abbey only to find out that it was closed.

Closed??  Yes, we were told.  It was “Commonwealth Day” and the royals would be appearing for the service.   The paparazzi near the door took pity on us and invited us to stand with them and wait for photo ops.

Yes, that was fun.

Here she comes!


Close up of the car interior:

The Queen is in green.

Leaving the Abbey (sorry for the blurry picture–this was taken in the early 90’s).

I have a really good photo of the Queen in her car, but I can’t find it.  I guess I put it in a safe place.  Sigh.

It was very, very exciting to see so many of the royal family members entering and exiting the Abbey.

I’m enjoying the coverage of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this morning.  I can’t see the monarchy lasting for another seventy years, but who knows?  According to Forbes, they bring in about $2.7 billion annually, mostly through tourism.

They’ve certainly taken some of my dollars!  I’ve been to London five times and would love to go again.  But I fear we’re seeing more than simply an end of an era.  The world is changing, for better or worse depending on your outlook.

But the history remains, hopefully.

By the way, I’m on episode 114 of The British Podcast and I am still slogging through the Dark Ages.

I may have to skip ahead to the Beatles.


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1 Response to long live the queen

  1. Ruth says:

    My Mom was born in England and had relatives there when I was a small girl. I think I was about 5 when the Queen was coronated. Mom’s Auntie sent her a Coronation Book with wonderful photos of the beautiful Queen in her golden carriage! Still very vivid in my memory.

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