cabin joy

Yesterday afternoon three generations of fearless mountain men headed up to the cabin for a night of mayhem…well, cards and snacks and stories.

It was the Funny Grandson’s first camping experience.

He was not impressed with his grandfather’s idea of a temporary toilet, though.

I hesitated to show this to you, but hey, we’re all friends here.

Will shared some photos with me.

The older guys taught the youngest guy how to play poker.
Getting ready to cook eggs and pancakes the next morning.

So the first overnight adventure in the newly-remodeled cabin was a great success. Banjo Man can’t stop smiling about it.

A dream come true!

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4 Responses to cabin joy

  1. says:

    A pot-bellied stove (sort of), a 5 gallon lined poop bucket, a place to play cards and a beautiful view. What more could a guy want out of life besides a great family?


  2. Gary Matson says:

    I second what Tom said… couldn’t say it better!

  3. We’ll see you all soon!

  4. Marge says:

    Unforgettable for one young participant.

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