another smoke-filled september

Busy days here, but I’ll be back to blogging daily (hopefully) once again. There are fires north and east of us. They are in remote mountain areas and we wait for rain.

Oh, do we wait for rain!

In the meantime, I am canning peaches. Yesterday this happened:

Having a canning jar break was a first for me. I’m not sure how to explain it–or prevent it from happening again–but I have dozens of peaches to can this week. I hope there are no more surprises!

I tried a new recipe for roasting cherry tomatoes.

This was done at 250 degrees for three hours.

I may have been insane.

See you tomorrow. I’m taking a break from the kitchen and we’re off to Spokane!

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2 Responses to another smoke-filled september

  1. Marge says:

    Oh! So disappointing to lose a jar.

    How wonderful to have so many cherry tomatoes. Have you tried Phyllis’s Pella’s cherry tomato dish?

    I was all prepared to pick lots of tomatoes in Vasak’s Crete garden Friday but instead my useless right arm, and leg and I are on the bed.

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