heading east, 2022

We’re in a Fairfield Inn in…wait a sec, let me think…

I have drawn a blank. Iowa, though. We’re in Iowa and we will be sleeping in Ohio tonight.

It’s a four state day.

I am in the breakfast room. Banjo Man is upstairs in the shower. It is 6:30 and will be a long day.

But…so far so good.

I love Montana:

And Wyoming? Glorious weather. And the sunrise?

Sometime on Friday we entered Nebraska and spent the night in Kearney.

This is a blueberry lemon margarita. It was delicious. I am pretty sure I chugged it.

Our adventures in Omaha will have to wait for another morning and another breakfast room.

It is time to get back on the road. There are miles to go before we sleep. But we are just fine and all is well, though definitely slower!

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1 Response to heading east, 2022

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Thanks for update. So grateful to be together.
    Be safe.

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