going to the Gilded Age

Today is my birthday and I am happily ensconced in front of the computer with hot coffee and a muffin purchased yesterday from the local gas station.  I’m wearing my super comfy not-for-going-out-of-the-house warmest clothes.  The sun is shining.  Life is good!

I have planned my birthday party, though.  Later this afternoon Banjo Man, daughter Nancy and I are heading across the bridges to Newport and a holiday event at the town’s largest mansion, The Breakers.

Here’s the info:

The lighted tunnel walk is new this year.  We’ll bundle up and brave the ocean winds to experience it.

We’ll also tour the inside of the mansion, something I’ve done dozens of times but only once at night.  The enormous house was designed for entertaining at night.  The red and gold furnishings, which can look a bit garish in the day time, glow in the evening.  It’s gorgeous.

Before heading to The Breakers, we’ll have an early dinner at La Forge restaurant on Bellevue Avenue.  Originally the Newport Casino, it is one of my favorite places to take out-of-town guests.  It was also a favorite of my parents so it will bring back lovely memories of family times together.  And those are the best kinds of memories, don’t you think?

Their website isn’t allowing me to copy pictures, so if you’d like to know more, click here:

It is time for another mug of birthday coffee, a little quilting, and a lot of violin practice.  A perfect birthday morning!


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4 Responses to going to the Gilded Age

  1. Ellen Lessmann says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. GaryMatson says:

    Happy Birthday, Kristine! Sounds like you have an enjoyable day in store!

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