to prove i’m not a scrooge

I do like Christmas trees.

I really do.

But now that it’s just the two of us, hauling tubs of ornaments upstairs and unpacking ornaments seems a little…exhausting.  Especially since we’re spending the holidays in Texas.

I have lovely memories of the whole family unpacking “their” Hallmark ornaments, my homemade ones, gifts from friends, those made in elementary school.  Celebrating a job well done with homemade cookies and hot chocolate, the Country Christmas double album playing in the background.   Grandma and Grandpa admiring it all from the couch.

Such sweet days.

The kids have their own trees now, their own ornaments, their own traditions.  As it should be.

And we have new ones.

So here is my Simple Pleasures gift shop tree:

And here’s the mantel. I went to three stores last Saturday as I tried to find another gold brush tree.  There were none left, so this glass tree will suffice.  Until next year, when I will shop in October.

I love decorating my mantel.

And here is my grandmother’s ceramic tree. She made it in the 1960’s, at a ceramics class.  My daughter Nancy had it and gave it back to me last week.  I scrubbed a few decades of dust off of it and voila, Christmas!

I am waiting for Banjo Man to come upstairs with his collection of Christmas cd’s. Many of them are from New Orleans, purchased during our many December trips to the French Quarter. He toyed with the idea of stopping in New Orleans for a few days on our way to Texas, but I didn’t want to risk either one of us getting the flu or another case of Omicron.  Maybe next year.

Until then…

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