a little christmas

I was killing time at a gift shop while Banjo Man was being prepped for his radiation treatments.  Despite telling myself I was not going to buy anything, I couldn’t resist this tiny ceramic tree.  Five inches high, it adds a little Christmas spirit to my desk.

I also brought it to a restaurant Thursday when I met a friend for lunch. It twinkled and flashed on the table all through our meal.  I’m sure the other diners were envious.

I thought it would be easy to find another one to order, but my online search produced very few tiny trees like this one and no exact matches to share with you.   So, just like the octopus napkin rings, hopefully they will show up again later in 2023.

Keeping with the theme of “a little Christmas”, here’s Lucille Ball:

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5 Responses to a little christmas

  1. Mayme Morrison says:

    Kristine you are so your father’s daughter. 

    Love it!!


    div>A Merry Christmas to you and Glen 🤶🧑‍🎄

    Sent from my iPhone


    div dir=”ltr”>


    blockquote type=”cite”>

  2. rbnorth66 says:

    I love the music stand in the background…

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