getting help, 2023 style

Early in December my cell phone stopped taking voice mails.  They would turn up a few weeks later or not at all. I know my friends were baffled when I didn’t get back to them.  Embarrassing, to say the least.

Another very inconvenient issue was the inability to get texts with security codes in order to access a lot of important online accounts.

When I switched from Verizon to Visible (and saved a ton of money) I expected a glitch or two, but the days of zipping off to the Verizon store for in-person help were over.

After searching through the community forums and Google with no luck finding solutions, it was–God help me–time to “chat”.

While waiting my turn in line (I started out at 17), I organized my Stationery bin.  I threw away ten-year old unused Christmas cards and matched a gazillion greeting cards to their envelopes.

When it was my turn to chat I typed in my issue and then It Began.  The person on the chat line was very pleasant, but we would be chatting together for TWO HOURS.

It didn’t take long for me to catch on that this was going to take a while.  The person (he? she?) kept trying things and each time I would attempt to send voice mails to myself using Banjo Man’s phone.  In the meantime, there was this:

What are they, you ask?  440 (yes, you read that correctly, 440) 2 3/4″ squares for a 110 snowball blocks. Each square needs a diagonal line drawn on it, a guide for stitching a perfect corner.


This marking project was finished before the phone was fixed, but I do have voice mail and text messages now and that is very exciting–and such a relief.

These snowball blocks are being sewn whenever I have a few extra minutes.  They will eventually become a quilt, but there’s no rush.  We are in the second week of Banjo Man’s radiation treatments and the days are busy.  Even finding the energy to cook and practice the violin is a challenge, but I try.  The important thing:

Banjo Man is doing well.

He has a new blanket.

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1 Response to getting help, 2023 style

  1. Ruth says:

    I’m making an assumption and saying…”thank goodness for speaker phones”!! Banjo Man looks comfy all snuggled up with his new blanket. Sending all positive thoughts his way.

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