goodbye january, see you next year

Today Banjo Man will complete his 15th radiation treatment.  Meaning he’s halfway to the finish line.

Feel free to applaud!!!

Meanwhile, back in the office, I overslept and am still in my nightgown, but that’s okay.  Banjo Man’s friend Steve drives him to the cancer center on Tuesdays, which gives me the day off.  Bonus?  It’s snowing, just a little, so it’s a very good day to stay home and make a chicken casserole.  Banjo Man has requested a family favorite, made with layers of broccoli, special curry sauce and stuffing on top of it all.

Between cooking, baking, practicing the violin, cleaning out the basement, etc, here are a couple of things I’m working on:

It’s not at all fancy, but I think the recipient will love it for its old-fashioned fabrics.  These Civil War repro fabrics, along with some 1930’s prints, were a gift from Harley Chick.  I am so glad I can use them!  The rows are pinned and ready to sew together, which I hope happens this afternoon.  Sewing rows together is my least favorite part of quilting and always seems to take forever.

And then there is this:

Yes, it’s a very, very purple quilt.  For someone in Texas whose favorite color is purple.  What you see here is 1/4 of the quilt (the blocks are 8″ square).  I have decided to construct it in fourths to avoid the stepladder and also stitch shorter rows.

We are not very energetic this winter, but that’s okay.  Banjo Man’s health is our top priority, so we’re taking it easy, spending lots of time on the couch and going to bed early.

Check this out, on Apple tv, for an exciting series:


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1 Response to goodbye january, see you next year

  1. Ruth says:

    Beautiful quilts-in-the-making! To Banjo Man – Hooray for half-way!!! Congrats.

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