the cord will be cut

I am waiting for the Verizon tech to arrive this morning.  He is going to shut off our landline, remove the Fios tv equipment and upgrade the internet.

We are on “75”, which is obsolete, and are going to “1000” mbps.

I really don’t know what that means, but the “75” worked just fine.  Will Netflix load 1 millisecond faster?  Maybe.

Banjo Man is deliriously happy about the amount of money this will save each month.  I find this slightly aggravating because I have been suggesting this money-saving effort for over two years and have met with major resistance.

So before we set off for radiation (six more to go!) I will dismantle the cable boxes and load them into the car to return to Verizon.  I am pretty excited about this.  Can you tell?

We have replaced Fios TV with Youtube TV.  It includes the Fox Business channel for Banjo Man, plus the Big 10 Network (crucial!), the NFL channel and also DABL, for my favorite “Escape to the Country” show.  I especially like the fact that I can organize the channels from the  website, eliminating the ones we never watch and lining them up in my own order of interest.  Less scrolling!

Aside from sports (Go Big Red!) our tv watching is 99% streaming channels like Acorn, Britbox, Amazon and Netflix.  There are so many wonderful shows to watch and we spend our winters devouring hundreds of hours of them.

Maybe we need that 1000 mbps of internet after all.



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1 Response to the cord will be cut

  1. TomF says:

    Boy are you guys really going to enjoy the new speed!

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