rockin’ it

See the boulder?  It used to be in the driveway.  Over the past few years many large rocks and a few boulders have been emerging from the gravel road that leads to our house and circles around the non-pond oval in the center.  Due to “frost heave”, Banjo Man explained, rocks just keep showing up year after year.

The neighbor with the back hoe had been building a stone staircase for my brother next door, so when it was finished Thursday afternoon he came over to dig out our rocks.

Banjo Man had sprayed the offenders with bright orange paint and in the course of one afternoon and the next morning they were all gone.  The holes were filled and smoothed over, the road no longer threatens mufflers and the orange rocks that littered the landscape have been hauled elsewhere.

Party time here.

Rhode Island has miles upon miles of old stone walls.  You see them everywhere, forgotten markers in the woods and elsewhere.  You can see in the above photo the amount of boulders on the hill around the shed.  Gifts from a glacier.

This is a great article about New England’s stone walls and who built them and why.  Good photos, too.

I love the stone walls here.  Mysterious and old, they appeal to my Neolithic history lovin’ self.  While these 18th century Rhode Island walls are practical–created while clearing fields and marking boundaries–the stones come from the Ice Age.

Not exactly Stonehenge here, but we have our own mysterious rock creations.  And we appreciate them…until they erupt in the driveway.

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  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    So interesting. Thanks! Marge

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