and it’s may!

The sun has been shining, the skies blue. Banjo Man and I have been enjoying our busy days here so much we can hardly stay awake until 9 PM and bedtime. I do think it’s time to slow down a bit.

There has been a lot of work going on up at the cabin. I’ve been waiting for Banjo Man to realize he can’t continue at this pace, can’t do this kind of construction work, can’t keep up. After all, he finished 37 rounds of radiation less than two months ago.

Yesterday evening my worn out husband and I Had A Talk.   And of course he agreed with everything I said.  Stop laughing, he really did.

In the meantime I’ve been filling the freezer with meals.  The usual suspects–shepherd’s pies, meatballs, lasagnas, ribs–are stacked up in the freezer.  Today I’m baking cookies. I’ve enjoyed every minute in the kitchen, though it is reasonable for friends and family to worry that I’m overdoing it.  I’m not!  I’m just having fun, folks.

But… I’ve started back to water aerobics and that, well, that is doing me in. In a good way. I’m glad I’m getting in shape again, but my old body is in shock.  

Saturday, while BMan was up at the cabin, I spent a sunny afternoon down here at the lake setting up furniture on the porch and deck.  Washing tables and chairs is an annual chore I really enjoy.  It means we’re ready for summer, so bring on the sun!

We’ve attempted to clear some of the path to the beach, but it’s an extremely  tough project.

This is definitely a work-in-progress.  And won’t be happening again any time soon.

Today is Cookie Day–I have four batches of dough in the refrigerator–so I’m not doing anything else.  I have a stool to sit on while I roll dough into balls.  And this afternoon I will sit on the beach and read for a while.   Banjo Man will be in his office this morning and then will have lunch with a client in town.  

Another perfect day in paradise.


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