the last sunday night in austin

The 7:40 pm show at the Alamo Drafthouse:

Every Sunday night, 10:30 pm at the Continental Club:

We’re heading home today. This is what’s waiting for us. We’re so lucky this huge pine tree (or other downed pines) didn’t land on the house or the cars. Banjo Man will be putting the chain saw to work next weekend, unless the storm expected on Wednesday changes his plans.

photo by nancyk

Just the thought of carrying wood and shoveling snow makes me want to put a colander on my head and watch television with my belly hanging out.
This may be my new way of dealing with reality.  Unless you have a better one you’d like to share.


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2 Responses to the last sunday night in austin

  1. sharon says:

    The colander on your face is a great idea. You can see just enough of the world through the tiny holes, but no one can see you. It’s like having the super power of invisibility.
    However, you must remember that we CAN see you.

  2. Damn. I knew there had to be a flaw in the plan.

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