christmas with hugh

Because we celebrated Christmas a few days early to be with Sarge (who headed back to Alaska December 24th) we decided to go to the movies on Christmas Day.

Yes, that movie!

We are fans of the musical.  I have seen it seven times.  I love it.  I admit to singing in the car, on the way up to the Big Suburbs, to see the movie.  But the tiger comes at night…

It’s a wonderful, wonderful movie.  Unfortunately the surround sound wasn’t working in that particular theater, so the car chase and sirens in the movie next door spoiled the final fifteen minutes of Les Miserables.  NancyK and I (and a small crowd of other people) told the manager, so the next show could be adjusted.  Since it was the first showing and none of the staff had seen the stage show, they didn’t realize the problems.  They promised to fix the sound, etc. and I hope they did, because when we left people were pouring in to see the next show. We couldn’t believe how crowded the theater was.

Anyway, check out Hugh Jackman as SKINNY.  It’s frightening.

And poor Russell Crowe. This gorgeous man was not put on earth to sing.

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4 Responses to christmas with hugh

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m sure Russell Crowe wasn’t as bad as Pierce Brosnan singing in Mama Mia! A critic said it was like listening to a dying water buffalo, and he was being kind. 🙂

  2. Mary Burgess says:

    BuT Russell Crowe is a singer! He had a group called 30 Odd Foot of Grunts and now one called The Ordinary Fear of God ( catchy names????) I know a young lady who followed them all around the world before settling in Australia. I guess some people liked his voice. I like looking at him!

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