a brave man is banjo man

It takes a brave man to buy these for a post-menopausal woman.

2012-12-24 003

Brave ol’ Banjo Man did some of his best Christmas shopping at Home Depot this year.

These are really cool tools.  Some of them even have safety locks.  The four tools on the right can be used for quilting and sewing.  You never know what you’ll need when the mood to create strikes.  Quilting can get a little violent.

Really, it can.  A quilter can never have enough equipment.

The two on the left are industrial-sized scissors and have super gripping strength.  I am in love.  Seriously.  I can open anything now.

The one in the middle, the giant thing, is for when I feel the need to trim branches and clean up the yard.  Since I never feel the need to trim branches or prune fruit trees or clean up the yard I’ll have to come up with some other uses.  When it stops raining I might just go out and attack briars, just to see if this big sucker really works.

We have a lot of briars and bittersweet vines here in New England.  We don’t like them.  I may have to do something about this problem with my very own branch-cutting monster.

Stand back.

Banjo Man also outdid himself at JobLot, our local discount (very, very discount) store.

2012-12-23 014This was an interesting choice on Banjo Man’s part, considering I never, ever hike.
Never.  Ever.  Hike.

But they are warm and comfy, even when I am not hiking and am just sitting around thinking about cleaning up the yard and planning next year’s garden, stuff like that.

Santa B-Man knows his woman.

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2 Responses to a brave man is banjo man

  1. Connie says:

    LOL! You need to do what I do. I order everything that I want for Christmas. Retired Mountain Man has to, is required to , must, wrap them and put them under the tree. I could use the two gifts on the left, but not the rest.

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