the big gig after-party

Playing an official gig was more fun than anything.

Really.  More fun than anything.

But we were so glad it was over and we’d survived.  We’d controlled our nerves so no one fainted or had a heart attack or threw up in the bushes.  We didn’t always remember the words to the songs, but we either faked it or laughed it off.

photo (4)

Dancing Mandolin Player

photo (6)

Our ever-serious bass man, Boom Boom Wimberly.

photo (5)

Mandolin Ann, showing off the money and wearing a Jose Cuervo scarf. Where did she get that? We all want one!

photo (7)

Our patient leader of the band, Connie aka Retired Mountain Lady, is happy with us!

photo (8)

More Pie, fanning the moolah!

2013-08-04 014

Yes, that is a margarita.

We were tired and hungry and thirsty…and $85 richer.  Time to party!!!

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