the big gig

Last Sunday afternoon the Hope Mountain Blues made their debut at the Green Door coffee shop in Garfield Bay.

We’d practiced for countless hours.

We prayed we’d remember the words to fourteen songs, the chords, the notes, the solo breaks, the harmonies, the beginnings and the endings.

We vowed to have a good time.  And we did.  And we think the folks who came out to hear us had a good time, too!


2013-08-04 011 2013-08-04 010 2013-08-04 009 2013-08-04 007 2013-08-04 006 2013-08-04 005 2013-08-04 004 2013-08-04 008 2013-08-04 003 2013-08-04 001

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2 Responses to the big gig

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. If I had a soundtrack of the gig, I could look at the pictures and imagine myself there. Congrats to all the members of Hope Mountain Blues.

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