on the road again

Guess where I am!

Here’s a hint:

2013-03-10 004

2013-03-13 016No? You can’t figure it out?

How about this?

2013-10-26 001

Yes, I’m back in Texas. But it’s a SECRET!! Mom and I flew down to Austin yesterday and will surprise Son #1 for his birthday later on today. We don’t think he has any idea that he is about to be invaded by his maternal elders and expected to party for the next four days. I hope he’s up to it.

I can post this today because he’s at work and only reads his mother’s blog when his wife reminds him to. Amber and Son #2 have conspired to keep this a secret and we’ve all been plotting madly for several months.

Great fun! I’ll let you know what happens!

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5 Responses to on the road again

  1. Sharon says:

    Happy Secret Birthday Son #1!

  2. Pat Coughlin says:

    Happy Birthday to Ben! Hope a good time is had by all.

  3. Connie says:

    Wow! What a great birthday gift for Ben. Happy Birthday!

  4. Ellie says:

    Happy Birthday, Ben! We are here in Las Vegas to celebrate Christina’s birthday!
    You two are so special! We love you both and wishing a year of an abundance of love!!

    Party Hardy!!!

    How very special to have a Great Grandmother and Grandmother and mother that love you all so very much! I lift my glass of rum and coke to you!! 🙂 We are staying at Treasure Island to get into the right frame of mind for our Las Vegas trip!!!

    Wish us luck!!
    Love You All,
    DMP and Bob

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