flu blues news

I may have the flu.  I may have had the flu since last Saturday, a few days after Christmas.

I thought it was just an ear ache and a sore throat.  Allergies.  Austin is famous for allergies.  Everyone says so.

Then I thought I had a sinus infection.

On Thursday a doctor told me I had the flu.  Even though I had a flu shot.  Even though I didn’t feel at all as if I had the flu.  I didn’t feel that sick.  My ear hurt, though.  And I thought I needed antibiotics for the sinus infection.

I never get sinus infections.

I hadn’t had the flu since 1990 and I clearly remember not being able to get out of bed for 2 weeks and wanting to die.  And being afraid I was going to die.  Now that was the flu.

Banjo Man and Son #2 have been taking good care of me here at the condo.  Son #2 made a vat of gourmet chicken soup in the crock pot.  Banjo Man brings me tea and popsicles.  They pretend they’re not worried about getting sick, too, and I hide in the bedroom.

I am not that sick.  I’ve had laryngitis for three days.  But my ear hurts.  My ear hurts a lot.  The doctor looked in my ear, recoiled a bit and said, “Man, that’s an angry ear.”

The worst part of this is being quarantined from my grandson, daughter-in-law and son.  I have certainly already exposed them to some form of the flu, some form of the flu that is resistant to the vaccine.  I feel like Typhoid Mary.

So much for lovely family days together.  The Downton Abbey Watch Party has been cancelled.  We are very sad.

I miss my little family and my funny grandson.

This is a very strange vacation.

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2 Responses to flu blues news

  1. Sharon says:

    So sorry to hear you have the flu, or the after-a-flu-shot flu. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Ellie says:

    It seems like it was a good thing you did get the flu shot. It sounds like the last time you had the flu it put you in bed for a couple of weeks. You need some major rest after a year of writing. Please be kind to yourself! We have a whole lot of music to play and sing together!! XOXOXO

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