won’t miss these

According to an article in National Geographic I read this morning (you can click here for the scientific details), the polar vortex may have destroyed 95% of the stink bug population.

Should we share a moment of silence or do a happy dance around the room?  Since–thanks to my friend the Polar Vortex–it is 8 degrees out this morning, I will get the blood moving with some leaps around my office after I post this to the blog.

In memory of stink bugs everywhere, I’m reposting my recipe for Stink Bug Chicken.

And here’s a song for frozen stink bugs everywhere:

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1 Response to won’t miss these

  1. Ruth says:

    Unfortunately, according to a recent newspaper article, the Polar Vortex has not succeeded in killing off the tick population. They’re not stinky – but boy are they annoying!

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