if it’s april, it’s sew expo

2013-04-12 009

This little girl loves fabric. And notions. And quilts. I think it’s genetic! She always loves Sew Expo…even when she was a one-year old in a stroller she loved touching the fabric.

2013-04-12 010

“Aunt Pat”, Kayla and Harley Chick.

We don’t buy much, but we spend hours looking at everything.
2013-04-12 015Free samples!

These photos were taken from last year’s trip. The weather was terrible, with rain coming down in buckets. But today is supposed to be clear and dry, so I’m out of the house early, with my coffee, camera and wallet. Last year I bought sewing machine needles and a magnifying lamp. Who knows what gadgets are waiting for me today???!!!

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1 Response to if it’s april, it’s sew expo

  1. Sharon says:

    OHHHH, I want the Oprah Balm!
    Have fun immersing in color today.

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