party time

2012-06-16 037 (2)

The “Outback” is pleased to announce the 2nd Cousins Weekend Reunion (the  1st was Nancy’s wedding)!!!

Friday evening:   “Meet and Greet”, casual reception and late-night buffet, here in the woods.
8:00:  Kitchen opens for coffee, tea and juice.  Conversation welcome.  You will be shown how to work the Keurig.
9 AM:  Hearty breakfast will be served.  Please email your breakfast requests and preferences (like and dislikes are very welcome!!!) before Thursday.  Note: Do not ask for kippers.
10:30 AM – NOON:  Project of Banjo Man’s choosing.  Bring a hat.
Noon – 1:00:  Lunch.  A Blast From the Past:  Make Your Own Sandwich.  Vintage soda pop available on the front deck.  Unlimited brownies, ice cream bars and banana popsicles for dessert.
1:30 – 4: 30:  Surprise Project.  Let your imagination soar!
4:30- 6:00:  Do-it-yourself Tick Inspections, showers, etc.
6:00:   Mexican Night!!!!!  In honor of Texas and southern California, a Mexican-themed dinner will be served!  OLE!  A championship game of Mexican Train Dominoes!  Auntie More Pie makes margaritas!  There will be Karaoke!!!
“Like A Rock”, a 10-minute home video from the 90’s, will be shown before dinner.
8:00:  Kitchen open for coffee, tea and juice.
9 AM-10:30 AM:  Buffet including French toast, bacon, oat bran muffins and fruit will be available on the kitchen island.  Help yourselves!
10:30 — ? :   TBD.  Walks on the beach?  Ground hog target practice?  Will Sarge make us do push ups???
4:30 PM:  Group hug!
5:00 PM:  Airport departure (time TBD, depending on weather and beach traffic).


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2 Responses to party time

  1. Pat Coughlin says:

    It sounds like a resort summer camp for grown-ups. Prediction: the cousins will all leave happy and well-fed and MorePie and Banjo Man will need a nap. Wish you all lots of fun.

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