never-ending clutter

I’ve spent the last three days in the workshop/storage area of the basement.  I’ve hauled ladders and storage bins and books and vintage fabrics and china and, well, you name it and I’ve moved it.

One of these days I will conquer all of this “stuff”. Everything Banjo Man and I own and treasure will be safely stored in appropriately labelled plastic containers and stored on efficient shelving.

Until then I attempt, once or twice a year, to deal with what I can. I sort and pack and redistribute and, in an increasingly desperate attempt to be organized, I take unwanted stuff to the Salvation Army.

2014-06-02 0062014-06-02 0012014-06-02 004

And then I bought more plastic containers and went home, back to the basement, to continue the sorting and tossing and repacking.

Banjo Man was thrilled. He was even inspired to put his own treasured souvenirs and letters into plastic containers, too.

That’s progress.

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2 Responses to never-ending clutter

  1. Pat Coughlin says:

    But remember universal truth: #87: there is always more stuff. That said, great job!

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