yes, you can have too much fabric

Okay, so I own a lot of vintage fabric.  I did actually sew with it.  Really, I did.  I cut up yards and yards and yards of it, made Christmas stockings for animal rescue charities, and pillows and quilts for the house.

I loved it.  And I loved collecting it.  And washing it.  And even ironing it.

My French Friend Janou is having her second annual giant yard sale next month.  I had a plan.  I would sort my fabric and vintage drape panels.  I would measure and iron and photograph and label and package each piece into giant ziploc bags.  I would price them and have a huge table at the yard sale.

So last weekend I set up a table in the basement and I sorted, ironed, photographed, labelled and packaged 40+ drape panels and curtains and chunks of vintage fabric.

It took a very long time.

But……Banjo Man asked what I was doing, as I don’t normally hang out in the basement unless I’m using the treadmill.  And there were plastic bins filled with fabric on the treadmill.  So I told him about the yard sale and my Big Plans To Make Money By Selling Vintage Fabrics.

The poor man went white.  As much as he wanted me to “get rid of stuff”, he had to break the news that THERE WAS NO ROOM IN THE CAR.

“Three guitars, a banjo, violin and sound system, plus Son #2,” he pointed out. “We have to mail our clothes to the lake, remember?”

Oh.  Yeah.  I forgot about that.


So here is some of what is staying in the basement.  Maybe I’ll open up an Etsy shop next winter.

2014-06-01 004 2014-06-01 007 2014-06-01 019 2014-06-01 036 2014-06-01 039 2014-06-01 048 2014-06-01 058 2014-06-01 060

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4 Responses to yes, you can have too much fabric

  1. Pat Coughlin says:

    Gorgeous fabric. I have a solution. One word. Winnebago.

  2. Sharon says:

    Ohhhhh….I love the idea of a Winnebago. My one piece of advice–find a pull through when you park. That way you won’t risk backing into people in parking lots!

  3. Karen says:

    A Winnebago would be lots of fun – a real road trip! How about a trailer? We have one that knows the way… Love Karen

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