the cousins reunion

We had a great time. Can you tell??

2014-06-08 008

The cousins washed Banjo Man’s old truck. Banjo Man loves it when there are boys to boss around.

2014-06-07 019

Banjo Man in his tick-prevention outfit.

2014-06-07 013

Sarge fixed the battery.

2014-06-08 013

Some of us dressed up.



Sarge taught his cousins how to shoot a rifle.


2014-06-07 050I made a target.

2014-06-07 026

Son #2, wearing the green shirt, is standing above the ground hog’s burrow entrance.

2014-06-07 043

Nephew Thomas taking a shot.

Nephew Thomas taking a shot.

2014-06-07 035

Check out the Army-themed thumb nail!!  Son #2 nicknamed her “Nannie Oakley”.

2014-06-07 003

Saturday morning breakfast.

We ate a lot. A lot!!!

We watched the Belmont.

2014-06-07 058

One of us took a nap and missed dinner Saturday night.  We didn’t mind.  He needed the rest.

2014-06-07 059


Sunday afternoon we played a new card game (thanks, Sarge!).

2014-06-08 012

We ate more.

2014-06-08 004

We killed the ground hog. Before you feel sorry for the ground hog and assume that we are a family of animal assassins, please understand that this angry, aggressive ground hog had attempted (twice!) to come through a window screen to attack Banjo Man. We couldn’t mow the lawn this spring, because this ground hog had turned into a terrorist. Banjo Man was very afraid. We borrowed a gun. We learned how to shoot. And we solved the problem before anyone was hurt by a very nasty animal. We’ve coexisted with the ground hogs here for over twenty years and this was the first time we had to defend ourselves.

May the little b*****d Rest In Peace.

2014-06-08 007

We had a sneak peek at the new Army dress uniform. Doesn’t Sarge look handsome? Check out all of those medals!!

2014-06-08 020

We don’t know how to top this reunion. The next one will have to be spectacular. I mentioned that the only way to have a more exciting reunion next time would be if someone got married, but the two bachelors in the group were less than thrilled at the thought. They may have even been horrified.

Oh, well. I’ll come up with something. Or the cousins will!

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3 Responses to the cousins reunion

  1. Janou says:

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Such a great time for all! Groundhog got what was coming to him! This must be repeated many times! Reunion, not killing groundhogs!! lol We are all getting older and these things will be remembered fondly as time goes on! Loved your pictures but you were missing! Counting the days!

  2. Sharon says:

    You’re a great Mom and Auntie to organize entertainment and cook for the Cousins. I’m sure every time one of them thinks of this Reunion, he/she will smile!

  3. Amber says:

    How fun! The groundhog had it comin’! 😀

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