the need for back up plans

Banjo Man’s new all-in-one printer had a nervous breakdown yesterday.  So did Banjo Man.  By the time I reached his office, planning to issue a cheerful good morning on my way out to run a couple of errands (I was feeling a little better and was dying to get out of the house!), Banjo Man was in crisis.

After an hour of tech-fiddling, I gave up trying to fix his printer and drove to Staples to buy a plain old black and white printer.  “We need,” I declared, “a back up plan.”

Peace of mind for $89.99.

(Note:  later that evening the HP tech person from India and I were able to work together to solve the problem, though I still don’t know why the printer self-destructed in the first place, and Banjo Man is relieved to have his high-tech equipment working again).

I had no back up when I realized I’d left my organic shampoos in Idaho and in Texas and had to wash my hair with a bar of soap last week.

I don’t recommend doing that.  Not pretty.

I had no back up when I lost my driving glasses somewhere between Indiana and Rhode Island.  I’ve been driving, even at night, wearing my prescription sunglasses.

I don’t recommend doing that, either.  Not easy.

I didn’t have my back up car key when Banjo Man discovered he’d lost our set of car keys after arriving at the airport in RI two weeks ago.  We had to take the parking lot shuttle back to the airport and rent a car in order to drive ourselves home.

I don’t recommend doing that.  Not good for the marriage.

So now, after an appointment with the Toyota service center, we own FIVE CAR KEYS.  We each have a back up key, along with a back up to the back up.  (And yes, I am a little neurotic when it comes to making sure I have extra keys to everything).

Amazon delivered my replacement shampoo in two days.  In the meantime I found a little bottle of shampoo I’d taken from a Hampton Inn.  It was much nicer than soap.

My new glasses are ready to be picked up today.  I ordered them the day I returned the rental car and, using my back up emergency car key, retrieved the Highlander from the parking lot.  It was raining.  I was grumpy.  I honestly can’t remember what these glasses looked like.

It will be a surprise.

Let’s hope we can get to the end of the year without losing anything else.

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