cooking up a storm

Sarge is coming this weekend.  I hope.  Banjo Man has a snow shovel with Sarge’s name on it.

My mother, my daughter and my son-in-law are coming for dinner and Mexican Train Dominoes Saturday night.  We’re having a Mexican Family Enchilada & Game Night in honor of…Valentine’s Day.

Sure, that makes sense.

I haven’t cooked for the family since Christmas, so I am **ready**.  I have ribs in the oven.  Chicken shredded and ready for the enchiladas.  Rice-chilies-cheese-sour cream casserole ingredients ready for assembly.  Tequila.  Blood orange soda for the tequila.  Huge bags of chips.  Three jars of salsa.

There’s just one little problem.  Snow.  Below zero temperatures.  High winds.  The worst is supposed to start at midnight, though the snow will be (hopefully) gentle and light during Saturday afternoon and early evening.

I’m hoping we have time to eat and play a few rounds of dominoes before the members of my family scurry back home to their caves to wait out yet another storm (blizzard, as the weathermen are describing it).

To celebrate warmer weather (which will happen sometime in April) I bought myself a bouquet of pink tulips.  The poor things are struggling to live and are a bit pathetic looking, but hey, they make me happy.

And they will look great on Valentine’s Day….if anyone shows up.

I sure hope this latest snowstorm holds off until after 10 PM.  Otherwise Banjo Man and I will be eating ribs, enchiladas and chili-cheese rice for the next two weeks.

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4 Responses to cooking up a storm

  1. Sharon says:

    Your plans sound wonderful.
    I hope someone is bringing the dark chocolate! 🙂

  2. Phyllis says:

    We’re thinking of you guys…can’t imagine where you are putting all that snow. Dinner sounds wonderul. Wish we were there…oh, no…on the other hand……..

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