still time

From amyriceart at

From amyriceart at

I came across this on Pinterest this morning.  I was taking a break from writing (yes, this is the last week of writing!), sipping some fresh coffee and looking for anything to distract me from today’s 1700 unwritten words while I tried to stay awake.

Still time to change the road I’m on.


I needed to be reminded that my road is going to change by the end of the week (if the planets line up with the stars and my brain continues to function).  The last deadline will have been met.

Next exit, next road comin’ up.

I’d better put my blinker on!

P.S. Check out Amy’s Etsy store.  Very cool things at amyriceart.


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2 Responses to still time

  1. Ruth says:

    Hi…I took a step toward changing the road I’m on today. Maybe the stars are alligned!!

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