looking for lunch

2015-03-30 001Meet my hawk.  He likes to hang out here outside my office window.

He’s hungry.  I am, too.  I’m on a diet.  I often feel like swooping down on an unsuspecting piece of carb-filled bread.

His wings are huge, but I’ve yet to take a successful my-hawk-in-flight photo.

I hope he eats the mice that try to get into my basement.

I hope he eats the squirrels that try to get into my attic.

But I hope he leaves the chipmunks alone.

A few years ago I trained the local chipmunks to come running when I called them.  They knew I had sunflower seeds and they learned to pop out of their dens when they heard the back door slide open.

It was quite entertaining, though Banjo Man was not amused, especially when the chipmunks grew so tame they’d hop up the back steps to the sliding glass door and chirp for me to feed them.



I once had some great chipmunk pictures.  Wish I knew where they were…

Note to self:  organize digital photos.


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4 Responses to looking for lunch

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow, you made your chipmunks green shirts!
    You are as wonderful as Snow White!

  2. ruth says:

    Well….similar challenges where “carpenter man” has begun relinquishing his precious walnuts to a victim squirrel! Wish I had a photo of THAT!

  3. ruth says:

    Oops…darn this auto correct. Meant visiting squirrel#

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