it’s all about the cake

My daughter turns 35 today.  Happy Birthday, Nancy!

We celebrated her birthday with the family Saturday night.  I managed to unchain myself from my desk and make dinner and — ta da!!!–bake a cake.

Thank you, Pinterest.

This cake is actually from a blogger called I Am Baker, where you can find the recipe for this gorgeous cake. She has a cookbook out featuring cakes with “surprises” baked inside.  This one has a secret layer of brownie soaked in chocolate sauce.

Yes, a layer of brownie soaked in chocolate sauce.

2015-03-28 003 I sprinkled mini chocolate chips on top of the one I made.  There were a few issues getting the cake layers out of their pans.  The broken cake layers had to be patched together with frosting.  I had to put the cake in the refrigerator and hope that the chilled frosting solidified enough so the cake didn’t fall apart and tumble off the stand.

Oh, that wasn’t stressful at all.  

I sort of ran out of cream cheese frosting, too.

2015-03-28 009But it was pretty with the candles on it!

2015-03-28 006The Birthday Girl loved it.   And that’s all that matters, right???!!!!

2015-03-28 005Happy Birthday!!




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5 Responses to it’s all about the cake

  1. Sharon says:

    Happy Birthday, Nancy!
    I hope you enjoyed your cake. It looks fantastic.

  2. Ellie says:

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Nancy! You are loved!😘

  3. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Happy birthday, dear Nancy. Don’t have your email or I would wish you happy day more directly. So fun to see your beautiful cake and beautiful smile.

  4. Pat says:

    Happy Birthday, Nancy! I love that candlelit picture of you.

  5. Nancy k says:

    Thank you so much everyone. The cake was awesome. Mom makes the best cakes. I love that picture too, Pat. Love to all!!!

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