easter 2015, the adult version

Alas, we had no young people around the table this year.   The kids all had to work, so the old folks managed to party without them.

Banjo Man was in charge of the ham.  He found a recipe for a pomegranate and tart cherry glaze that rocked the house.

2015-04-05 005

He spent many hours perfecting this ham. Totally worth it!

In honor of my New Orleans-born mother’s birthday, I made a vat of chicken sausage gumbo, which we served as an appetizer.

2015-04-05 008

Easter dinner at my mother’s house.


I tried a new potato dish from Pinterest.  These potatoes are sliced and then filled with butter and thin slices of Parmesan.  After baking an hour, I poured heavy cream over them and sprinkled them with shredded Cheddar cheese.

(Click here for the recipe and lots of photos of the finished product.)

2015-04-05 002

Happy 89th birthday, Mom!

2015-04-05 017

Alcohol is a necessity on your birthday.

2015-04-05 014

Banjo Man offers Ginny and Ken wine to go with the ham while Ginny serves cherry sauce.

2015-04-05 013

Mayme and George, world travelers, gumbo lovers and makers of shrimp cocktail.

And last but not least?  The birthday cake!

2015-04-05 020

Ginny has been a professional baker. Can you tell? Is this not gorgeous? I’m eating a piece for breakfast this morning.

A good time was had by all.  While we missed Sarge, Nancy, Mike and the raucous Pictionary competitions, we managed to spend the afternoon shrieking with laughter anyway.

The old folks know how to have fun.  We’ve had a lot of experience!




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1 Response to easter 2015, the adult version

  1. Sharon says:

    That looks like a wonderful feast!
    That birthday cake is beautiful. I’d eat a piece for breakfast, too.
    And the birthday girl looks fabulous! Happy Birthday!

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