off to red country



There is no place like Nebraska.

There is no place like Nebraska.

Banjo Man is heading to Nebraska tonight to attend the annual Red-White Spring Game on Saturday.  We have a new head coach, new assistant coaches and a lot of new recruits.

There will be a tunnel walk (minus Coach Bo and the famous cat).

There will be cheering.

There will be 65,000 Nebraska fans.  Tickets are $10, with kids free.

Son #1 is flying in from Texas to meet his father for this big event.

The excitement is **tremendous**, let me tell you.

It will be televised live on the BTN network Saturday afternoon, too.  I’m recording it.

Banjo Man will want to watch it when he gets home.

Who can forget the touchdown play of “Team Jack” in 2013?  This went viral:

Safe travels, Banjo Man.  I know you’ll be wearing red on Saturday.

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1 Response to off to red country

  1. Pat says:

    Wow, what a great time for a true blue (red?) fan. Have fun, Banjo Man!

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