friends and meatballs

2015-04-18 007At least once a year we host a dinner for three other couples.  The eight of us take turns, so we’re guaranteed to get together four times a year.  It started after the Scotch Tasting Dinner progressed to other scotch-tasting meals, game nights, pool and just plain good times with wine and conversation and lots of laughs.

Last Saturday night it was our turn.  Banjo Man learned how to make meatballs and we kept it simple, with a huge antipasto and spaghetti and meatballs, with chocolate truffles for dessert.

2015-04-18 008We bought the lemon print tablecloth in  Sorrento, Italy several years ago.  It always reminds me of limoncello and ancient streets and lovely wine.


Sorrento coast.

My idea of shopping in Italy:


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3 Responses to friends and meatballs

  1. Sharon says:

    That’s a lovely table setting. But then, I love all your table settings!
    It’s wonderful that you make a habit of seeing the other three couples at least four times a year for an enjoyable dinner. Bravo!

  2. Ellie says:

    OMG! You are the Goddess of table settings. I want a citrus tablecloth. What a great way to celebrate Spring with bright colors, good food and great friends!!

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