sarge is in charge

IMG_20150503_170312Sarge took good care of us yesterday, as you can see.  Banjo Man decided to take advantage of Sarge’s muscles and Southwest  Airlines free baggage policy and bring out some “important” summer things ahead of time.

I think the new Fourth of July tablecloth I bought is important, don’t you?

As Banjo Man told me, “You load up that car with too much stuff!”

But he always says that.  I think  he’s grumped about my “stuff” for eight or nine years now.

Pay no attention to that man with the banjo.

So after a long day of travel (up at 3 AM to catch an early plane out of Providence) we ended up at the lake by 6 PM (9 PM EDT), to bed at 9 and up early to admire the lake and the mountains.

Speaking of mountains….the guys have gone up to the mountain today to “walk the land” and check on the cabin.  Lunches were packed, walking sticks taken, water bottles filled, etc.

I am getting ready for some time on the dock (yes, it will be chilly but that is what hot coffee is for), girlfriend time, unpacking the suitcases and tuning the instruments.  I’m not sure if I can play the guitar–and this rotator cuff injury won’t let me play the fiddle–but it will be good to see–and hear–the band after a long, long, LONG winter.

As Banjo Man said this morning, big grin on his face as he started for the woods, “Let the party begin!”



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2 Responses to sarge is in charge

  1. Tom says:

    Enjoy !

  2. Marge Fridrich says:

    So glad Sarge was with you.

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