an idaho mother’s day

Mother’s Day began with coffee on the dock.

2015-05-10 004

Not a bad way to start the day.

Then at noon we headed “downtown” for a little music.

2015-05-10 015

View from the outside.

View from the inside.

View from the inside.

We ate quiche and soup and apple pie.  And listened to our favorite musicians.

Bruce and Beth.

Bruce and Beth.

Intermission sunshine:

2015-05-10 0102015-05-10 012 2015-05-10 013

Then Sarge came down from the woods and joined us on a trip to 18-miles-away-town for an early dinner of burgers and fries at Trinity, which faces the city beach.

Why do they look so grumpy?  I thought we were having fun!

Why do they look so grumpy? I thought we were having fun!

Then it was time to do laundry, because we were desperate.  Especially Sarge, because he is known to pack light.  Very light.  Almost nonexistent, even.

They have a television again at the laundromat and guess what was on!  River Monsters!!!  The laundry attendant and I were the only ones in the place, so I chose to skip going with the guys to Home Depot and the grocery store and instead sat down with my new friend–also a huge River Monsters fan–to watch an episode of “Alaskan Horror”.

2015-05-10 017

2015-05-10 019The laundromat had had a little problem with one of the dryers, and then a very small fire, which made the gas company nervous enough to turn off the gas, so there was no hot water and no dryers.  But we didn’t care.  And Sarge certainly didn’t!

The day ended with four rounds of Mexican Train dominoes, when Banjo Man beat me by two tiny little points.

And we finished off the last of the peach pie.

All in all, an excellent day!!!!

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1 Response to an idaho mother’s day

  1. Julie says:

    What a nice way to be welcomed back; a nice hand shake with your lovely lake neighborhood! Happy belated Mother’s Day 🙂

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