the purgatory players and church in austin

Thunderstorms.  Rain.  Lightning.  That all happened early Sunday morning in Austin.  We woke late, having been awakened off and on by the storm.  And we had no electricity.

But we knew where to go for coffee and breakfast tacos.

And for music.  Lots of music.

2013-03-23 011It’s a coffee house, it’s a music venue, it’s a wi fi hotspot.

DMP loved it.

Then we headed up to Son #1’s house in Round Rock.  Amber and my adorably chatty grandson were happy to see us, as was the dog.  Amber made guacomole and a delicious Mexican beef stew.  We brought bristle blocks and raspberry jam and a box of gourmet cupcakes from the South Congress cupcake trailer.

2015-05-17 001The Idaho Bear Poop candy was greeted with great suspicion.

2015-05-17 034

2015-05-17 012

John explains Star Wars clones to DMP.

2015-05-17 015

It’s always fun to have an uncle to tease!!

Later on we thought about going out to hear some music at the Continental Club, but that thought lasted about thirty seconds.  The storm was over, the power was back on and the three of us were in bed early.

Story Man had to work at 7:30 Monday morning, while DMP and I were going north to Round Rock and Georgetown for some Texas-style shopping.

To be continued…


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