fillin’ in time, fillin’ in pots

Story Man likes to drive me around the neighborhoods so I can see interesting “Keep Austin Weird” houses and landscapes.  So during my last visit (Saturday = John Prine, Sunday = Strange Brew & family, Monday = shopping in Georgetown, Tuesday = Lady Bird Wildflower Center and Black’s BBQ), Wednesday was also going to be busy.

Check out this yard, home of the Big Chicken, in South Austin.

2015-05-19 150Can you believe this “quilt” is really a mosaic creation???

2015-05-19 147What a beautiful piece of art.

On Wednesday Story Man,  DMP and I had some time to kill because the Happy Hour at the Saxon Pub didn’t start until 6 PM.

Wednesdays are always a bit long.  The Johnny Nicholas happy hour is a tradition that cannot–CANNOT–be forsaken.   We wait for it all day.

2013-03-13 074

Johnny Nicholas at the Saxon Pub.

But Story Man had a plan which involved DMP, Master Gardener, helping him with his pepper plants.  Last fall Retired Mountain Lady gave me a huge box of unwanted peppers–the woman absolutely refused to can or chop or preserve more than three tons of peppers, go figure—and I mailed them to Story Man in Austin.

He was thrilled.  He is still talking about it.  He saved some seeds and planted them and they sprouted and he is so excited.

(He must get his Farmer Genes from Banjo Man’s side of the family)

So off we went to Home Depot, where DMP gave advice and a lovely Home Depot assistant named Katie helped us select just the right pots for the peppers.  Katie was growing peppers, too.

We were also looking for something to hold the plants that would look nice in front of the condo.

I voted for these, found outside of a Georgetown antique shop and not purchased.

2015-05-18 014

I think of these as “Austin Cool”. No one else does, though.

DMP and Story Man found some pots they liked, and after more than half an hour of trying to find the price (they had been there a long time), the HD ladies announced that the pots were one cent.

A penny.  Each.

Story Man bought 4.  Katie bought 1.

Clearly a deal.

2015-05-20 002

2015-05-20 001

Only 90 degrees with 90% humidity.

DMP planted a little succulent garden.

DMP planted a little succulent garden.

After all of the plant-soil-pot excitement, we went to Michaels, where I introduced Story Man to the thrill of Michael’s coupons and sales on frames.  Story Man’s hobby is framing things, by the way.  He collects art and posters and prints and maps the way I collect vintage tablecloths, so I don’t comment or criticize.  Glass houses and all that.

By the way, I am still regretting not buying the red and white tablecloth with the check patterns and flowers in Georgetown.  What was I thinking????  It was gorgeous!!

Then we stopped at Home Goods, because DMP wanted to see it.

And then….and then….and then????


My favorite food in Austin?   The fried avocado taco!!!

DMP was anxious to try one, having read about it on the blog about 9 times.  She loved it, or said she did.

2012-03-07 041

This little beauty is always delicious.


And then we went back to the condo so DMP and Story Man could do what they needed to do with the plants and the pots and the dirt.  I stretched out inside on the couch and fanned myself with one of Story Man’s maps.

But the real excitement would begin at 6 PM, from a table-with-a-good-view at the Saxon.

Gardeners get thirsty.

Pot shoppers work up a thirst.

Johnny had a few surprise guest that night.  David Greely and  Steve Riley (of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys) were in town recording a new cd with Johnny, so they came along to continue the musical party.

And then who was in the audience?  Marcia Ball, who was invited up on stage to join the guys.  She played a 6-minute solo that brought a cheering crowd to a standing ovation.

Just another Wednesday night in Austin.

I bought Banjo Man a new Johnny Nicholas cd so he wouldn’t feel too badly about missing out.

2004_1224xmas0005 (2)

Banjo Man feels badly despite the gift.

Next year, Banjo Man.  Next year.


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