the force is with me

2015-06-04 002

Purchased at SewExpo in hopes that I would use it for a summer quilt.

I’ll be having company at the lake in July.

My grandson.

2014-05-17 016

He has never the seen the lake or the mountains or our gravel roads.  He has never eaten his grandmother’s peach pie or picked raspberries from the garden.

Banjo Man and I are beyond excited.

So to honor this occasion I am, of course, making a quilt for the little guy to nestle under at night when the cooler breezes come down the mountain.

2015-06-04 003

This glows in the dark!!!

2015-06-04 001I’ve had some fun putting this together.


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3 Responses to the force is with me

  1. Pat Mahoney says:

    You’re going to have a wonderful time!

  2. Sharon says:

    Best. Grandma. Ever.

  3. Karen Bertrand says:

    How exciting! Maybe he will bring his drumsticks and be a “guest” musician in the band!

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