day one, zane grey part 2:

I’m in a hotel in Terre Haute, Indiana.  It’s the end of day three here on the road and I’m very, very behind on posting blogs.

But there is so much to say!!

I have photos of Zane Grey’s living room and office.  And front porch.  I’ve always loved visiting the homes–and offices–of famous writers.  And this particular visit was a real highlight, due to how beautifully preserved it was.

2015-06-19 028

2015-06-19 026

2015-06-19 021

Where he wrote “Light of the Western Stars”.

2015-06-19 016

He liked to sit in this chair and write on this lap desk.

2015-06-19 011 2015-06-19 007

The rest of the day wasn’t exciting at all.

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