why i retired


As my friend Pat wrote, when she sent this to me, “Ring a bell?”

I laughed out loud.

And my friend Sharon added, “Wish you’d had this shirt for your retirement party!”

How true.

Writing wasn’t always hell, of course.  Just the last ten years or so.  Before that?  Not always so bad.  I loved typing “The End”.  I love royalty season and writers conferences and fancy dinners.  I even enjoyed most of the book signings.

And so did Pookie.

kristinepookie2jpgYes, he is wearing a cowboy hat.

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2 Responses to why i retired

  1. Nancy k says:

    You need that shirt asap. All thre of you should!!! Love to all three of you guys

  2. Thanks, Nancy! Retirement is **heaven**.

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