pumpkin lust

I went shopping with Harley Chick Friday morning.

We had a plan:  (1) to go to the Christmas Tree Shop (which has nothing to do with trees and instead has lots of discount stuff at great prices) and (2) to go to the sewing machine store and see if now is the time to buy new machines (they’re having a huge sale on October 17 and we needed to know if we should go that day and buy stuff).


This might be one of those only-in Rhode-Island chains.

After buying lots of holiday paper goods and assorted bargains, I took a picture of the inflated scarecrow/pumpkin monster by the exit door while Harley Chick was paying for her purchases.


I never ever want one of these in my front yard.

And then I said, “Harley Chick, pose by the pumpkin so I can put this on the blog.”

And she did…except she bumped into the inflated monster and tried to keep it from falling over.  The picture?  Here it is:


Why the pumpkin is smiling.

She did not understand why I thought this was so funny.  And when she realized the problem–illegal pumpkin groping—she insisted we take another picture so I could delete this one.

Of course I didn’t delete it.  I told her I wasn’t going to delete it.  I was still laughing as we shoved our bags into the trunk of her car.


Harley Chick, behaving herself.

We went on to the sewing machine store, where we both groped new sewing machines.  I may or may not buy a new sewing machine, a new table and a new light.  Harley Chick may or may not buy a new sewing machine, a new table and a new light.

Neither one of us spends money without thinking about it a lot, so this is going to take some time.

Stay tuned and keep your pumpkins safe.


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1 Response to pumpkin lust

  1. Sharon says:

    It’s always an excellent day when you can laugh with a friend(s)!

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