plan b in the world of furniture

Well, I had a phone call from the giant furniture store yesterday.  The fabric I’d picked out for the four dining room chairs has been discontinued and I must select another fabric.  But there were not a lot of choices and none of them would work.  The salesman offered another brand of Parsons chair whose manufacturer offered the original fabric, but that meant that Banjo Man and I would have to go north and test more chairs.

But…Banjo Man is very, very busy with work.

And there is no way I’m going to pick out the chairs myself and hear, “How could you think this was comfortable????” for the rest of my married life.

We are both really busy all week, and then Story Man (Son #2) arrives Friday and Daughter Nancy is on vacation and my nephew is coming and Sarge will be zooming in and our house will be “party central” until the 26th of this month.  In the middle of that Banjo Man has doctor appointments and knee surgery.

The new chair purchase, part 2, will have to wait.

The pretty wood chairs are set to go to the consignment store and Banjo Man has declared that they are too uncomfortable for company, so they are banished to the basement awaiting a new home.

Even though they are so pretty.

2012-12-03 009

What to do, what to do….

2015-10-12 001

One of seven metal office chairs given to us many years ago.

2015-10-12 002

I sewed a cover that slips over the back.

2015-10-12 003

Tucked under the table.

It’s not as nice as the fancy Parsons chairs would have been.  And maybe our dinner guests will think it’s all a bit strange, sitting on office chairs at the dinner table.  But Banjo Man assures me that they won’t care because the seats are so comfortable.

We tested them with Jeff and Angela Sunday night and they didn’t seem to mind.


The search for new dining room chairs will be continued in 2016…

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