checking in


This tile sums up my dobro lessons.

Five weeks after hauling my 300 pound dobro down (and up!) a flight of stairs to the basement of the local music store for my Tuesday lessons with “Buddy”, I remain dazed and confused.

Buddy is great.  My brain is not.  Neither are my fingers.

I spend a lot more time trying to conquer the dobro than I do on my computer.

Hence the Blog Silence.

I have also spent a lot of time working on my latest quilt.


I spend more time auditioning quilting ideas onto tracing paper than I do on my computer.

I have loved the hours spent on Pinterest searching for the perfect quilting patterns to fill in a lot of white space on this particular quilt.

It has been a challenge of the very best kind.

The quilt isn’t perfect, but it’s coming along nicely.  I’ve learned a new design called “Celtic Bubbles”.   Every day I’m glad I bought my fancy sewing machine eleven years ago.  I’m grateful for my thread collection.  And my special gloves.

And I’m very, very, very glad I bought this:

sewing machine light

This strip of lighting I installed on my machine has made quilting possible.  I can see what I’m doing without the wobbly magnifying glass I have duct taped to the sewing machine and that keeps falling off into my lap.

I will post again soon, I promise.  The quilt will be finished this weekend, I have a new song to learn for Jeff and part of my dobro homework involves tabbing “Red River Valley” in three different positions and memorizing each one, along with bass notes.


I have no delusions that any of this will be easy.

But it’s so good to be retired!!!!

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