tiny condo, big fun

Our home-away-from-home Texas style is a one bedroom, one bath, 640 square foot condo in the middle of everything.

We love it.

Many people wonder how that works with all of us, and our luggage, in such a small space.  The funny thing is that every day we are here the place seems bigger.  We simply adjust.

Sarge is with us, on an airbed in the dining area.


He looks comfy, doesn’t he?

Banjo Man loves relaxing on our little couch.


Story Man laughs at us.  He using a chair as a desk for his laptop.


But we even have room for a tree.


Story Man rescued it from being thrown out of St. Vincent de Paul’s thrift store and into the garbage two years ago.  I put blinking lights on it this week and my grandson was thrilled when he saw it this morning.

He looked at every package under the tree, but there weren’t any for him.

Not yet.


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