the force awakened


We had a plan.  Story Man, Amber and Son #1 went to see the new Star Wars movie Monday.  They bought the tickets long before they knew Sarge was joining us, but the movie had to be previewed before The Five Year Old Star Wars Fanatic was allowed to see it.

The above photo is from yesterday, when Son #1, Sarge, TFYOSWF, Banjo Man and I went to the show.  Sarge was concerned that the movie theater, which serves food, would disturb his concentration, but the bottomless bowl of popcorn turned out to be a good thing.

TFYOSWF followed instructions and covered his eyes during the scary parts.

Banjo Man liked the funny parts.  And I may have dozed off a few times, but don’t tell anyone.

A good time was had by all.



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1 Response to the force awakened

  1. Sharon says:

    Star Wars AND bottomless bowl of popcorn! Can’t beat that.
    I bet grandson #1 will never forget it!

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