almost fixed i hope

They'll decorate anything in Texas.

They’ll decorate anything in Texas.

I have so much to blog about, having spent two weeks in Austin, Texas with the family…and after hearing some great live music….and after eating some drooling-good meals.

Dancing Mandolin Player has shared some snowy mountain photos for the blog and Retired Mountain Lady (link on the right) has some truly gorgeous winter photos on her blog.

I want you to see them.

But…my computer simply won’t cooperate.  Before we left for Texas, Banjo Man experienced first hand the slowness and frustration that is my computer and threw his hands in the air, shouting, “How can you stand it??!!!”

He then ordered a new computer for me for Christmas and had it shipped to Austin where it would be waiting for me to arrive.

I love Banjo Man.  But I do admit that buying things without weeks of research and contemplation freaks me out.

The HP Elite laptop was gorgeous.  I upgraded to Windows 10 (I’m a Windows 7 user, where life is simple) and one unusually quiet post-Christmas afternoon (while Banjo Man and Story Man took naps and Sarge was flying back to his duty station) decided to rip my new Christmas present CD’s into my computer.

Except the drive was faulty, made a horrible grinding sound, and took forever to rip a song.

And then it took forever to deal with Hewlett Packard.  Futile web and chat connections, a maze of “consumer help” web links that led nowhere, long long minutes on hold with someone with an accent I couldn’t understand.  They hung up on me twice.

I was given more phone numbers, all useless.  And finally ended up connecting to a Thank God Chat Line where accents didn’t matter and it was “only the facts, ma’am” all the way.

Within ten minutes I had an email from HP with the return info on it, and since I had saved all of the original packing boxes (no small feat in a tiny condo with three other people always looking for stuff to throw out and not trip over) the lovely computer was on its way back, via Fedex, to somewhere to get its cd drive replaced and Banjo Man’s money returned.

So I had no computer in Austin.  I had a cell phone and I took some entertaining pictures, which I emailed to myself to store on the Slow Computer, but now that I am home I can’t even save them, never mind access them.


I think my computer’s hard drive is full.  It sits here like a slug after shoveling in four pieces of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.

I have ordered an external hard drive from Amazon and hope to move my pictures and music to the external drive on Wednesday and therefore allow some moving-around space here on the old Dell laptop.

Let’s hope this works, otherwise I’ll be shopping again and I (a) don’t want to spend the money and (b) don’t want to learn Windows 10.

(Btw, when you have a problem with Dell you speak to someone in the USA.   Same with  Southwest Airlines.  Something to consider.)

So Happy Monday, everyone!  It’s the day of resolutions and new eating and exercise plans, the beginning of the new year after a very long weekend of football and the beginning of  Downton Abbey’s new–and final–season.

It has started to snow.  And the deer are in the front yard.

I guess winter is here.

Happy New Year, my friends.

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