sew and snow saturday

It looks like we’re getting the Big Storm after all.  Sometime in the night the storm shifted a little bit north, which meant we are right in the path of a lot of snow and a lot of wind.

Banjo Man just filled his 55-gallon barrel and tested the special pump I ordered to go with it, so hopefully our bathroom habits can continue undisturbed should we lose power and water.

Life gets complicated when you don’t have electricity, doesn’t it?

How do you like this quilt?

American Glory 14 by Stefanie Roman for Moda

Here’s the link, where there are lots of ideas:

I’m sewing Quilts of Valor these next few weeks.  February 6th is the “sew in” day across the country, but I’ll be sewing here at the house because I don’t belong to a quilt guild.  I’ve been buying red, white and blue fabrics to supplement what I already have stacked up in the closet.  The new fabric is washed and ironed (well, mostly ironed) and ready to go.  I’ve done the math and worked out the design, so now it’s time to cut and sew!

Cutting is one of my favorite parts of quilting.  I’m going to set up my cutting station on the kitchen island.  And move my sewing machine to the dining room table.

We’re getting Mom shortly and bringing her back here for the duration of the storm.  Do you remember a few years ago when she and Banjo Man had their adventure on a toboggan after a storm? (You can read about it here:

Well, we’re never risking their lives again.  Now we don’t take chances!  Mom can curl up on the living room couch while I sew, and we’ll watch tv and drink tea and hope that the power stays on.

(There are three very confused deer in my front yard right now.  They are huddled on the side of the driveway, under a tree.  Is this their first big storm?  Do they not have a place in which to hunker down?)

I’m looking forward to a cozy day!  Stay safe, everyone.





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4 Responses to sew and snow saturday

  1. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Stay safe and warm…glad you are prepared. Nothing like a good storm to get things done inside…as long as the power stays on, God willing!

  2. Sharon says:

    The quilt looks beautiful. A great inspiration for you.
    Have fun all snuggly, warm and comfy in your house.
    I hope hot chocolate will be involved!

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