super dogs, bowl, commercials

For years we’ve gone to Ruth and Kenny’s for the Super Bowl.

For years they’ve served hot dogs.

My favorite.  With chopped onions and steamed buns and relish.

2016-02-07 006

Sometimes I dream about them.

Here’s Kenny, who cooks the hot dogs.  Thank you, Kenny!

I love you.

2016-02-07 008

I love the pre-game music, too.

2016-02-07 004

The military chorus!!!

And wasn’t Lady Gaga STUPENDOUS!!!!!

As for the game, I admit that up until ten minutes before the kick off, I thought Denver was playing the Arizona Cardinals.

The halftime show?  Well, I thought it was pretty with all the lights and colors.  Though it might have been better with the sound off.  Does that make me an old lady?

(yes, it does)

And then I was so tired I kept falling asleep all through the second half.  I hope Ruth and Kenny or any of their family didn’t notice.  I’d been up very early and anything after 9:30 PM is past my bedtime.

The commercials were excellent this year.   Everyone thought so.  Banjo Man loved the “ultrasound” commercial, with the expectant father eating Doritos and the unborn baby reaching for chips.


I really liked the singing sheep.

Here’s a link to the video:

We both agreed that the herd of dachshunds dressed as hot dogs was the most clever.

For some reason WordPress won’t let me link to youtube.  Sigh.)

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