i’m not very interesting

Alas, there is nothing going on here in my little corner of Rhode Island.  Banjo Man has done nothing funny and we have not gone anywhere.

It’s sad.

Cozy, but sad.

So in order to come up with a post for you, I’ve looked around the house to figure out just exactly where my time is going.

First of all, there’s the treadmill.  Not that spending my early mornings in the basement on the “beast” makes any difference in my weight or shape.

And then there has been the invention and weekly experiments with my no-fat, no-sugar, low-low-carb blueberry protein bar (baked in a pie plate).  Not that eating it daily has made any difference in my weight or shape.

I log all of my food on my new Fitbit Charge, not that….well, you know.

And then there’s the sewing.  Three Quilts of Valor, a finished baby quilt, a finally-finished gift for my nephew and my grandson’s summer quilt (the only thing left to finish).

2016-02-25 002

Go Army!

2016-02-25 004

Baby quilt for an April arrival.

The grandson’s quilt fabric:

There’s the dobro practice (aka The Struggle), thankfully now from on-line lessons.  And Friday mornings playing music with Jeff.

2016-02-25 013

A Valentine dinner party:

2016-02-25 012

Oh, and the television shows!  The Bachelor is especially wonderful this season.  The Bachelor 20th reunion show was another big event, and I am such a geek I actually knew all of the people (past contestants) at the cocktail party before Jade and Tanner’s wedding.

jade and tanner

Banjo Man and I have been watching “Shades of Blue” (so intense!!!) and Blacklist (so gory!!) and American Idol (the best contestants yet, Go La’Porsha!).


Love, love, love La’Porsha.  She literally stopped the show last night.  I clapped from the couch.

Book reviews tomorrow….





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3 Responses to i’m not very interesting

  1. Nancy k says:

    Don’t forget, you have 1 more quilt to do 🙂

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