i’m trying, i really am

Okay, here’s why I haven’t posted anything for a few days.

  1.  Sarge is bringing his lady love home to RI to meet the family this holiday weekend.  This has involved a lot of cleaning and meal prep and grocery shopping (I’ve been to Walmart twice in two days, God help me!) and lots of angst over what to feed someone of the Hindu religion.  After a winter of laziness, I seem to have lost my cooking mojo.
  2.   Two dental visits this week.  One was a six-month cleaning and I confess that this morning, in between scraping and all that stuff, I asked the two hygienists if either one of them was Hindu (they were not).  I am searching for help anywhere I can find it, folks.  Sarge answered my panicked phone call this morning and said “she eats chicken and hot stuff”.  Well, there’s a plan.
  3.   I have been searching for cooked lobster.  Aesha wants to try lobster, but on Memorial Day weekend there will be long lines at the seafood restaurants.  Our outdoor lobster boiling pot is broken and there is no way, not even for Sarge, that I am boiling lobster in the house.  The smell would last until October.  Banjo Man is going to town later to see if he can find cooked lobster so I can make a lobster pot pie for Friday night.  And by the way, did I tell you that the price of cooked lobster is $45 a pound????!!!!!????  I cannot believe that Banjo Man didn’t flinch.  But he’s a romantic.
  4.  Banjo Man has worn himself out painting a bedroom and doing yard work.  I have been hovering and nagging and fretting over how he has worn himself out.  It’s keeping me busy.
  5. My new computer is up and running, but the transfer of my files from one computer to the new one, via Carbonite, is taking days.  As in 7 days.  At least.  So, no pictures, no music, until it’s over.
  6.  I stole a black out shade, one of those $3.18 paper ones, from Walmart yesterday.  It was a mistake–I didn’t see it in the cart when I checked out.  In fact, I was driving out of Walmart when I realized I didn’t remember putting it on the conveyor belt.  So I went back to my parking spot and there in the cart return corral was my cart, with the long stick-like box still there.  I hadn’t even noticed when I unloaded my groceries into the car!  I must have been thinking about Hindu food.  The shade was for Banjo Man, and the trip to Walmart was made in a hurry so he could have a nap and block out the light yesterday afternoon (see #4).
  7.  Today I paid for the shade, though Brittany-the-check-out-gal didn’t quite understand what I was talking about.  She then told me that last week a guy stole 18 vacuum cleaners at once.  They didn’t stop him but they got the license plate number.  (Okay, why didn’t they stop him?????  Am I the only one wondering this????)
  8. I have been on a no sugar, no flour, no dairy, no eggs, no diet soda diet for about six weeks.  Today, after a couple of stressful, long-grocery-list hours in Walmart and a cart filled with ingredients for four chicken casseroles and a possible lobster pie and a possible pizza lunch and possible breakfast ideas and tension rods to make “curtains” for the guest area kitchen cabinets, I freaked out and bought a Subway sandwich, diet coke and a little box of sugar cookies, which I inhaled on the ride home.
  9.  Also on the way home I wiped the crumbs off my face and stopped at four places to look for cooked lobster.  No luck, but Banjo Man decided to get involved (after spending the morning working on making his yard look beautiful) came up with a plan (see #3).
  10.  The Bachelorette started last night, with the gorgeous Jojo in a slinky sparkly gold-peach gown and 26 men so filled with shock and awe that they proceeded to calm their nerves with alcohol.  I can’t wait to recap it for you.  God only knows what is going to happen this season, but Jojo has confessed she likes bad boys.  Uh oh.
  11. To solve the “chicken” and “hot” dilemma, I am making my friend Pat’s Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese as soon as I stop typing this.  It takes four plastic shopping bags full of ingredients and many, many cooking pans.  I will let you know if it’s worth it.

In the meantime, we can all start guessing how much lobster meat is in a pound.  A cup?  Two cups?  



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4 Responses to i’m trying, i really am

  1. Ruth says:

    Hi Honey,

    Please order steamed lobster at Dave’s and let the new love enjoy a lobster as it should be. Remember a lobster is meant to be consumed “in toto”…all the little legs, the knickles, etc. I’d be glad to serve as instructor!

    Anyway…hope this helps!

  2. Connie says:

    Kristine and Banjo Man: Slow down. Don’t fuss so much. I’m with Ruth. Order the steamed lobster and enjoy.

    • I’d love to order the cooked lobster but with the beach traffic I’d never be able to pick it up and/or make it home! It’s going to be a very busy holiday/beach weekend here in RI. I think we’ll hide in the woods until Tuesday. 🙂

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